Winter 2024

Winter is a time of reflection and preparation for the coming Spring. It is a time of spending time with loved ones, cooking and baking good food, and making a warm and comfortable nest. This season, we reflect on what we have accomplished, hold on to what we have that is meaningful, and clear the way for new beginnings.


The Ravynmoon website is undergoing transitions at this time. Right now, there are a few things on the shop page and on the Book of Shadows. You can also explore our various projects that are linked to the left. :)

What We're About

The information within this website is well-researched, tried and true, and organic, so what we teach comes from personal experience. 

We self-publish our work, organically grow our herbs and other plants, and create new and exciting things with as little overhead cost as possible. We own the land we work and live on so we know what's in it, what's on it, and its history. 

Much of how we do and what we do may seem odd to a lot of folks, but it works for us so we like to share those things with others who may be seeking a unique and liberating alternative. 

We provide: 

  • Seasonally focused majik and writings
  • Constantly updated content with a focus on astrological and moon majik 
  • Original and unique spells, meditations and path-workings
  • Recipes 
  • Tutorials 
  • Printable crafts
  • A community calendar
  • Virtual and in-person workshops
  • Audio and video supplements 
  • Hexenriit: our official online Book of Shadows
  • Ravynmoon's Gothic Graffiti: our own shop 
  • Dance With the Dead Radio: our own radio station     

Small in size. Large in heart. 
Because of our small size, we can focus on commitment to quality designs.

 We write about the things we like, and what we feel other people will enjoy -from tutorial videos, crafts, and recipes to spellwork, meditations, and downloadable content. 

We create items that are organic and ecologically sound, offer classes and discussions, and provide tarot and oracle readings. 

Until recently, most of our teaching was done via in-person meetings and events, with the Ravynmoon portal being mostly a place for supplies and herbal information. Changes in focus and changes in the way people communicate have demanded the adaptation of our usual habits and we are ever-evolving during this renaissance, but we hope to offer some in-person events as well as virtual ones in the future. 

Alchemy and Shadow 
Ravynmoon specializes in alchemy and shadow work. Much of this work is darkly psychological in nature and therefore has certain warnings and suggestions that accompany it. 

It is considered a "dark forest fairytale majik".  

You'll find our way of teaching and connecting *different*, but hopefully as effective for you as it is for us.